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Project Summary Type of organisation
E-Learning Traditional Sailing Participation at the creation of a European training network on traditional sailing, by a blended method of Distance Learning and practical lessons, based on the use of Moodle platform, with exchanges, share best practices, develop local networks, with authorities, sport clubs, youth associations. Applicant
Sport& Thought for Young European Students (S&T4YES) The project aims at sharing/transferring to other partners “S&T approach” in promoting education in and through sport. The project has taken the traditional therapeutic consulting room and placed it on a football pitch, sport is used to begin to understand our internal psychological difficulties through playing. Applicant
Welfare system's improvement for seafarers and professionals, work in maritime business There is high shortage of seafarers and maritime professionals in the world. The project is designated to show to the society, that people, who work in maritime industry are very healthy, with deep family values, what will help to attract more youngsters to choose maritime related professions as their future. Applicant
Water Sports - Vehicle of Social Inclusion This project will be through a set of water sports, already developed by the partners and / or local stakeholders, in order to Identify a set of Transversal Transferable Skills (TT-Skills) between such modalities of aquatic sports for young people coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or others disadvantaged groups. Full Partner
Full Partner for promote voluntary activities in Sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and tackle disabled within of Youths Promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all. Full Partner
Full Partner for encourage participation in Sport by supporting recommendation on HEPA, EU Physical Activity Guidelines and EU Dual Careers of Athlete MSV is an expert in the dual careers of athletes in different ways. Provides athletes with safe prospects for their athletic career, through education and vocational training to prepare them for employment at work. Healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition are the guidelines followed by MSV member HEPA Europe. Full Partner
All topics in Sport We are interested to join any kind of network that promotes sport and physical activity. Full Partner
Alba - multisport approach for a new sport dimension Successful sportsmen and complete athlete train complementary sessions aside their main sport. A systematic multisport approach to 6-13 yo sportsmen may lead to less injuries, better results and a wider choice in life. Full Partner
Sport for All - sport and accessibility to enhance tourism in rural and natural areas We can be a reliable and solid partner experienced and skilled in the Programme, on social inclusion, sustainable tourism in rural and natural areas through promotion of sport activities for all (disabled, social exclusion...), to enable these territories to valorize sport as a tool of inclusion and development Full Partner
Chess for Education - Ajedrez para la Educacion We want to use chess like a tool to develop abilities for the sport world Full Partner
Sports today, not tomorrow Integration into sport Prevention from extremism Full Partner
Education, health, integration and employability, taking in count sport as one of the reference tools Red Deporte offers 20years of experience in 20countries worldwide, promoting human development, using sport as reference tool. Experise: education, health, integration and employability. Worked with all reference sport and humanitarian bodies (UN, UNHCR, FIFA, UEFA, GIZ). Sport is our reference, but not exclusive in our interventions. Full Partner
Social Inclusion though opportunities in sport Social Inclusion though opportunities in sport Full Partner
Intergenerational Olympic Games The Senior Games is dedicated to providing an opportunity to participate in sports competition, to learn new leisure skills, to discover that physical activity is for all ages, to meet new friends and to share good times. Full Partner
Cooperation in Sport Project We are searching members who will attend our sport project in university Applicant
Rehabilitation of the disabled with hydrotherapy and hippotherapy We want to cooperate with our partners and practice the hydrotherapy and hippotherapy methods that we used in our university with the disabled in Europe Applicant
All the topics in sport for people with a disability Interested to join any kind of network that promotes, or conducts research of sport for people with a disability Full Partner
Urban Sports Games For Transversal & Transferable Skills This project wants through a set of urban sports, create an opportunity for the development some of Transversal & Transferable Skills across economic sectors under the the values of gender equality and social inclusion for youngsters and in particulary for those who live in disadvantaged urban territories. Full Partner
International Collaboration The program tries to take engagement and partnership with others to strength sportily ties and exchange ideas, techniques, approaches and styles. Applicant
Soccer tournament Soccer tournament that includes educational and cultural visits, conferences and amusement for our football team for children from 12 to 15 years old.We are able to hospitalize in our town teams from other countries so that they learn about a new culture, have fun and meet new friends. Applicant
Kick Up Equality Contrast gender discrimination and inequality in all sports, improving skills, capacity and visibility of female athletes in all sports, combining mainstream sports and minor sports Full Partner
Proposals aimed at migrants and refugees inclusion through grassroots sports, especially youth We can be a reliable and well experienced partner for projects aimed fostering social, cultural, economic inclusion of migrants and refugees through grassroots sports. We host 28 refugees, we are member of a regional consortium reaching more than 700 refugees and a national consortium, able to act nationally Full Partner
Games for Future Champions! The aim of this project is to organize pre-school children's games, which we wish not only to emphasize the benefits of sport activity, but also to emphasize the importance of intercultural knowledge, strengthen inter-organizational partnership, expand socialisation, intercultural dialogue. Applicant
Sports Adventure for social inclusion This project aims to train unemployed young people in the area of ​​adventure sports, seeking their inclusion in the labor market, making the endogenous resources profitable and boosting the local economy. It aims to democratize access to adventure sports and promote personal and social skills in young people. Full Partner
Looking for Partners&Projects about Dual Career and skill development From AJFS We are looking for projects about Dual Career and Skills Development projects as a full partner. We have experience in DUAL Career (GOAL), match-fixing (PROtect Integrity) and Social Incluion (Lepyther) E+ Sport projects. Full Partner
Full partner for Erasmus+ Sport 2018 call Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is an NGO devoted to the following main priorities: * Reviving sport culture; * Volunteering in sport; * Education through and in sport; * Good governance in sport; * Integration through sport; * Skills of the future and entrepreneurship. Full Partner
Walking Football This is a new sport directed at people who are not doing sport at present Applicant
Fencing -small strategic partnership We are looking for partners to cooperate in foil and epee. Applicant
Promote chess as an education tool School programs, events, networking, social inclusion. Applicant
Sports Project in Consortium Footura is NGO aiming to stimulate the active participation of young people in social life and to build a sustainable and effective civil society in Bulgaria through informal methods focusing on sport, healthy and active lifestyle. We increase the sports intensity for various social groups focusing on young and vulnerable people. Full Partner
swimming, competitions, events, seminars, youth exchange, culture and sport To transfer and exchange innovative knowledge to test children swimming skills and knowledge; increase their swimming performance; to increase knowledge of swimming trainers through the promotion, to raise awareness among children, parents and local communities of the importance and the benefits of swimming through innovative synergies between sport and education Full Partner
A didactical model for integration of PA in the primary school national curriculum The purpose of the project is to develop an evidence-based didactical model that supports primary school educators to facilitate learning in young children. The model should shows how and when PA can be integrated to offer a significant contribution to the children's learning progress. Full Partner
Tackling discrimination in rugby Looking for projects where our experience can be useful to get engaged as partners. We have experience in EU project management. Other
To take the radicalisation info the sports Trè to homogenise the prévention méchanisms of radicalisation and identity the rôle for Youth and sports agents, éducateur, animator or leader... Applicant
Underwater hockey Encourage the underwater hockey practice in a neighborhood with risk of social exclusion and promote this minority sport Full Partner
MOSAIC The MOSAIC project aims at promoting sport as a tool to facilitate social inclusion for people at risk of exclusion or suffering social exclusion : refugees / migrants / young people with fewer opportunities... and at empowering the target groups through trainings and a regular sport practice. Full Partner
Rehabilitation sport bike A new way ti Rehabilitation of paralimpic athletes Applicant
Hockey to play against discrimination The Project aims to fight against the lack of sports opportunities that women have in Pakistan. We will work specifically with a women hockey academy. Applicant
Crossed analysis for 13-15 years tennis players Benchmarking based on some of the best countries in tennis with universitary support and technical regard from de national tennis fédérations. How to improve best practices and long term tennisplayers development. Applicant
Mentors for dual careers We have a project on dual careers, to establish a training and mentorship programme for would-be mentors who will be capable of helping athletes with or without disability manage their dual careers. Full Partner
Sport in the islands It is not easy to practice sports on an island. We need a large participation of volunteers to allow all children to give the right social opportunities that revolve around sport. Pellestrina is an island in the lagoon of Venice where around 200 boys/girls practice sports of various disciplines. Applicant
Bukedea Town Council Football Club This is a local football club playing in the Uganda second division and needs a lot of support to implement its ideologies Applicant
Bukedea Town Council Football Club This is a local football club playing in the Uganda second division and needs a lot of support to implement its ideologies Applicant
Mobility (Job shadowing) of volunteers, coaches, educational staff at Croatian Football Club Hajduk Split We are interested in supporting mobility of the persons involved in working with young athleetes. The club offers an insight of how pedagogist, psychologists, coaches, teachers work with athleetes. Full Partner
Values education through sport A football club based on defining and learning about values in and through sport via different educational activities-workshops, English lessons and trainings. Full Partner
European Qi Gong Highlight existing link between european traditional work movement and cinese qi gong practice and methodically treat deseases affecting tendons and muscle-skeletal system collecting data during practice. The outcomes are: provide a protocol of practice to be used for specific deseases; diminish the gap between traditional cinese and european cultures. Full Partner
CHILD FITNESS To develop a habit of making sports among children in age group at 10-15 Applicant
HEPA We are ready to participate in a wide range projects. One of our wishes would be sports schools’ networking Full Partner
Career (educational) transition dilemma's for young talented athletes Dual Career Guidance in the secondary education phase is not really a problem for us allthough there is always room for improvement. Transition dillema's arise when young talented athletes pursue a succesfull dual career on the next (higher) levels of education. There is need for a better personalized transition system. Applicant
Body Ecology, Health and well-flourishing Integrate in the new smart cities a way of Life where body ecology is included Full Partner
Spread the Olympism values ​through sport activities Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities by promoting Olympic values: friendship, respect, excellence, through sports activities 1: An innovative educational platform for training and dissemination of Playdagogy 2: Sports federations commit and mobilize for the deployment of socio-sports activities 3: Identify social innovations using sport as a source of solutions Applicant
Seniors activity Encourage the activités for thé seniors in thé rural area Applicant
Support sports As an institution which comes from a partner country, we believe that as an institution that deals with the regulation of the sport in the region with more than 2 million people certainly can provide added value to each project proposal. Full Partner
Youth Sports Games 2018. Youth Sports Games are the biggest amateur sports event for children and youth in Europe. We bring together kids from primary and secondary schools enabling them to participate in 10 sports disciplines free of charge. In the 21 years of existence we have gathered more than 1.2 million participants. Applicant
Olympic Weightlifting and Paralympic Bench Press A project to combine all age groups to support each other. Mainly taking youngsters from the streets and Masters age groups to share their knowledge, time and support in voluntary work to contribute for a healthier society with future prospective. Both age groups targets to get a feeling of self-worth. Applicant
children's rights in sport study of possible recommendations for official sport organisations concerning the expectations of the children about the sport management they are depending on Other
President corporate games We are looking for city hall and municipality partners to expand our already extensive country list. promoting health fitness and well-being through team building and corporate sports Full Partner
Volunteering/anti doping We are interested in evaluating a participation on different topics with a special focus to the ones specified above. Other
Sport & Wellbeing - Uniting Communities 2022 To utilise the skills, profile and expertise of English Commonwealth Athletes, GB and EU partner Olympians, to encourage and support disadvantaged and marginalised minority communities into sport and more active lifestyles. The focus of this initiative is the 2022 Commonwealth Games hosted by the City of Birmingham in the UK. Applicant
Sharing coodinator Sharing experiment Full Partner
Sharing coodinator Sharing experiment Full Partner
Sports and physical activities for young children (preschoolers) Sport is more and more encouraged at young ages. Even for pre-schoolers. However, regarding sport for the youngest children, we lack information about its organisation and impact, namely on children’s health, on individual, social and talent development, and on personal experiences. What can we learn from European countries? Other
OnTheMove Physical activity and sport for all Full Partner
lintégration des migrants dans le football Notre objectif est l'épanouissement et l'intégration dans la société des jeunes migrants via le sport. Notre organisation met le football en avant . sport d'équipe, sport de masse à l'honneur Applicant
Moving youth Would like to work on a project that would focus hands-on in sharing different approaches in making children and especially youth more physically active. Different sports programs aimed at passive children/youth or not-competitive students. We can work as an applicant or we can also work as partners in a project. Other
COACH+ Healthy lifestyles promotion adressed to young players, families and staff of basketball organizations. After a pilot stage in Spain we are ready to share the benefits of a succesful and evidence-based project around Europe. Applicant
Villages on Move Network Series of 4-5 seminars. Collecting network to promote active life style and health enhancing physical activity HEPA “Culture of experimentation”: idea – try it – if you like it, use it! Bind active life style promotion to already existing public service structures Applicant
Senior people = active citiziens through Sport To be developed Applicant
DUAL CAREER PATHWAYS in Triathlon, Track&Field, Swimming Identify best practices and solution for combining a sporting career with universities studies. Applicant
Encouraging people with metabolic syndrome to participate in recreational sport and exercise: Evaluation, monitoring and improvement of health / Encouraging obese people through education. / Developing mob app for monitoring the life habits. / Health related education of adults in promotion of exercise - Implementation of EU physical activity Guidelines in developing countries. / Specific education (health oriented) for coaches, physical education teachers, fitness trainers etc. Full Partner
Technology vs. tennis Finding ways to fight influence of technology to everyday kids life. Finding ways to bust awareness of importance of physical activities and replacing mobile devices in everyday kids life. Applicant
Fight4Health! Inadequate physical activity and the diet of today's population of all age groups causes an increasing percentage of obese people in society. Project goal: Raising awareness of the importance of sporting activities and generally physical activity through the promotion of Savate boxing. Applicant
SSS-Sports for Social Support The most important problem of the youth is the problem of “identity” accompanied with their effort to clutch onto the life and their concern to find a place for them in the society and to create a future for them. Applicant
ALL OF YOURS SPORT'S STORY Main aim: - provides youth workers and youth educators with background information and practical tips designed to help them use sport and outdoor activities as an educational tool in their work with young people with fewer opportunities. - Full Partner
Promote Sailing for young generation Share our sailing expertise with other relevant project involved in sports and education. Share best practice with european partners in a small collaborative partnership. Applicant
Sport as a tool for Social Inclusion We are developing some ideas to promote Social Inclusion and Lifelong Learning through Sports. Contact us to know more. Applicant
European data on sports and physical activity Increase and improve European sport data (activity, facilities, human resources, training, capacity building etc.), by developing shared indicators which will be measured by the participating regions and states, and gathered in a web platform. This would allow public authorities and stakeholders to analyze and compare sports data at European level. Applicant
European cooperation in sports and education We look for partners to education and sports related projects which link with curricula development, training conditions, "dual career" and advanced training conditions. We are experienced in leading and participating projects and have strong understanding of EU in the field of sports. Applicant
Methodology and intervention for a functional training program for adults and seniors with disabilities Create a functional training methodology for adults with disabilities who cannot access sports practice. Contribute to sharing knowledge among organizations working in the same field in Europe. Apply and contrast the methodology with users and analyze the changes produced by the implementation of the methodology in the users. Applicant
ERASMUS+ SPORT We would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Sport project involving different themes. Full Partner
Physical activity for health and wealth of community Project goal is to develop physical activity for better health and wealth of residents of all age groups. Main expected outcomes are: 1) Active and healthy leisure and daily physical activity becomes a generally acknowledged value of the residents. 2) Constant monitoring and impact measurement of active lifestyle on health of residents. Applicant
We want to be Partners in Sport Projects We are an Association and we want to enter in to partnerships in Erasmus Plus Projects Full Partner
Promote Sports Participation Our association's main objective is to encourage sport and to improve well-being at work. We are invited to sporting and cultural events all over Europe. For budgetary reasons we can not participate in these exchanges Applicant
Sport and Educational Alliance for Sustainable Change This partnership will trial, implement and transfer educational resources and encourage a more holistic approach to inclusion through sport activities. This includes training coaches and clubs, encouraging community actions, creating resources and methodologies to meet participants' needs. This will enable a sustainable and long-lasting social change. Full Partner
Japanese martial arts for social inclusion We want to strengthen and refresh European Japanese martial arts schools' links to each other and to schools in Japan. Our project focuses on working with several target groups that include children, adults, refugees in Europe and women. The project goal is to apply traditional concepts to modern-day social problems. Applicant
Exploring new ways of developing life skills through sports to facilitate dual passions and career Exchange and creation of new methods for development of life skills and new skills among young people through sports and particularly football to strengthen their engagement with their local communities and make them capable of identifying and pursuing alternative/dual career passions. Applicant
FENCING EVENTS International fencing competition and training camp for young boys and girls Applicant
LaLiga for Fight against doping or match fixing We would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Sport related to the fight against doping or match fixing. Full Partner
Sports We would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Sport project involving different themes. Full Partner
Basketball for all A sports week full of basketball. Male and female, elderly, deaf, wheelchair basketball. Applicant
Sport 21 and Humanistic Approach Psychology We are using the latest approach to sport and Humanistic Psychology with the help of video and media. We are specialized in Culture and Organizational Psychology (in line with Agenda 21 and Sport 21) Full Partner
Prevent it! Don´t heal! Protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions in Croatia and partner countries Applicant
Along the creative trails of sport explore, along with like-minded Partners, a new perspective for sport and physical activity, in the light of original clinical findings and neurosciences. Developing training modules, embedding psychology, sociology, neuroscience in the concreteness of sports/motor activity, for all ages. Field-test such modules, embedding them in real life events/initiatives/experience Applicant
Euro Paragedon The project intend to organize three meetings between partners to share of good practices in the field of social inclusion of people with disabilities in sport. Moreover, the project intend to organize a sport event in Kielce for people with disabilities, in which representatives of the partners will take part. Applicant