Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Public institution
Type of organisation Applicant
Role Our organisation is looking for Project partners or Applicant organization, working in physical activity and health prevention fields.
Contact person Name : Diana Jonaitiene
Address : Parko 3B, LT-90113 Plunge
Telephone : +37068408488
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Physical activity for health and wealth of community
Topics Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines

Promote voluntary activity in sport

Summary Project goal is to develop physical activity for better health and wealth of residents of all age groups.
Main expected outcomes are:
1) Active and healthy leisure and daily physical activity becomes a generally acknowledged value of the residents.
2) Constant monitoring and impact measurement of active lifestyle on health of residents.
Partners already involved Tartu, Estonia already expressed preliminary interest to became a project partner.


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role Run a project on partner's/applicant level, organize international activities on Partner's side, organize sports managers meetings, exchange expertise in health prevention and active lifestyle promotion for all age groups fields.
Expertise required Experience in similar projects would be an advantage.