Partner Detail

Name of Organisation National Foundation for the Elderly (NFE)
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role The National Foundation for the Elderly is a charity that promotes healthy and active ageing and social inclusion of frail older people. The NFE has a sports programme for older people.
Contact person Name : Nina van der Vaart
Address : Regulierenring, 2D
Telephone : +31 30 6567774
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Sports for Seniors
Topics Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary We are looking for partners to develop a project on sports for the inclusion of older people. Sports is not only a way to be active and stay healthy at older age but also to stay socially connected. The NFE has a sports programme, developed specifically for older people.
Partners already involved


Type of organisation Applicant
Partners Role Looking to join a consortium as a partner.
Expertise required Expertise in sports for older people.