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Name of Organisation Play International
Type of organisation Applicant
Role PLAY International is a pioneer NGO
in the field of development and
education through sport. Its conviction: sport is a source of solutions to the issues faced by our society.

Country FRANCE
Contact person Name : bouchot
Address : elodie
Telephone : 0675811758
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Spread the Olympism values ​through sport activities
Topics Combat violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities by promoting Olympic values: friendship, respect, excellence, through sports activities
1: An innovative educational platform for training and dissemination of Playdagogy
2: Sports federations commit and mobilize for the deployment of socio-sports activities
3: Identify social innovations using sport as a source of solutions
Partners already involved Kosovo


Type of organisation Full Partner
Partners Role UE Sport Federations (basket or other / mass sport)
UE Universities, research laboratory
Expertise required - animation of sports activities with young people and children
- Universities: Contribution to scientific and technological research in the field of physical and sports activities