Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Croatian Football Club Hajduk Split
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Promoting values education through sport and through different kind of educational activities.
Contact person Name : Petra Nosic
Address : 8.Mediteranskih igara 2, Split
Telephone : 00385958754911
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Values education through sport
Topics Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines

Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, as well support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes

Summary A football club based on defining and learning about values in and through sport via different educational activities-workshops, English lessons and trainings.
Partners already involved Sport organisations- sport gymnasiums, clubs


Type of organisation Applicant
Partners Role
Expertise required Experienced staff in working with athleetes willing to share their experiences with other sport organisations.