Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Fundación Universidad Isabel I
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Promoter of the project. Looking for stron applicant to lead the consortium already created.
Country SPAIN
Contact person Name : Marta Buján
Address : C/ Fernán González, 76
Telephone : 947 67 17 31
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Mentors for dual careers
Topics Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, as well support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes

Summary We have a project on dual careers, to establish a training and mentorship programme for would-be mentors who will be capable of helping athletes with or without disability manage their dual careers.
Partners already involved AETOI - Greece - sports and athetes with disability

MSV - Basket - Italy - Sports / Basket / Dual careers

Sindicato dos Jogadores - Portugal - Football / training / dual careers


Type of organisation Applicant
Partners Role We are searching for a strong partner, involved in dual careers, able to coordinate the implementation of the project.
Expertise required Dual career