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Name of Organisation AIAC Ragusa
Type of organisation Applicant
Role Coordination between the various entities of this project
Country ITALY
Contact person Name : Giuseppe Maria Stracquadaneo
Address : via Martin Lutero 18
Telephone : + 39 0932 965495 - cell.
Fax : + 39 0932 968137
Email :
Website :


Title Development psychomotor in activities youth through the Method S.E.L.L. and monitoring of cognitive abilities with NeuroTelemetry
Topics Combat violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary The project includes a new working method (SELL) for the psychomotor development of young people, (regardless of sex, skin color, normal and disabled), useful for the development of cognitive skills, and monitoring with an electronic instrument noninvasive (NeuroTelemetry) that Currency brain activity, telemetry, while physically active.
Partners already involved AIPAC Sicily


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role Training and exchange of good practices of different working methods, for youth activities, for psychomotor development with particular reference to the development of cognitive skills and is in the use of new electronic tools for the evaluation of brain activity during the performance of exercises.
Expertise required Bodies which form studies and research (universities, federations, schools, etc.) and / or working with young people on the field (sports clubs, voluntary associations, etc.) wishing to propose new methods of activities for young people and who need to evaluate the brain activity in a scientific way during exercise.