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Name of Organisation chikwiji soccer academy
Type of organisation Applicant
Role To give sport opportunities to the children from marginalized and vulnerable community from islands of Tanzania to grow athletically and intellectually and became agent of change for their communities..
Contact person Name : Chikwiji Soccer
Address : 265, Nansio - Mwanza.Tanzania
Telephone : 255758282241
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Website :


Title equipments for junior soccer coaching
Topics Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the European Week of Sport

Summary CHIKWIJI soccer academy participating in conducting soccer clinics and coaching to the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities around Ukerewe Islands in Mwanza Tanzania, thus due to shortage of fund we are looking for partners who are willing to work with us for the benefit of all...
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Type of organisation
Partners Role To provide equipments and seasonal trainings for coachers and administrators
Expertise required