Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Consorzio Comunità Solidale
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Made up of no profit social and sport organizations that work for promoting social entrepreneurship and social cohesion. Main target: immigrants and youngsters with social, physical difficulties
Country ITALY
Contact person Name : Alice Bruni
Address : Via Giusto De Menabuoi 25
Telephone : +39 0499875818
Fax : +39 3403788406
Email :
Website :


Title P.L.A.Y! - Partecipation, Leadership, Action, Youth- promoting youth grassroot sports for social inclusion
Topics Promote voluntary activity in sport

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary promote volunteering and inclusion among youngsters (children and youngsters) in grassroots sports, particularly focusing on volunteering aimed at supporting children/youngsters with low school outcomes (because migrant background, disabilities, low social/educational background...) through peer education and mentoring
Partners already involved -Slovenia


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role We are looking for grassroot sport organizations, municipalities, schools, no profit organizations that work on social inclusion and volunteering through sport with youngsters, mentoring and tutoring methods.
Expertise required - Previous experience on EU funds
- Youngsters and especially target groups (immigrants, social and health disabilities)
- Relations with schools
- Tutoring and mentoring methods