Partner Detail

Name of Organisation ASSIST - Associazione Nazionale Atlete
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role ASSIST is a national organization that since 2000 fights for female athletes rights and equal opportunities in sports. We can be a great national and European partner for advocacy, dissemination, campaigning, actions involving Olympic and professional athletes and youngsters
Country ITALY
Contact person Name : Alice Bruni
Address : Padova, Italy
Telephone : +39 3711558882
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Kick Up Equality
Topics Combat violence and tackle racism, discrimination and intolerance in sport

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary Contrast gender discrimination and inequality in all sports, improving skills, capacity and visibility of female athletes in all sports, combining mainstream sports and minor sports
Partners already involved Italy, Sweden, UK


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role organizations private and public involved in equality in sport, gender mainstreaming, fighting against disrcimination with a national and international impact. We are interested in being partner on other projects focused on gender, also on the EU Week of Sport
Expertise required gender equality, policy makers, sport events on national and international scale, contrast to discriminations in sport.