Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Sport Surround Association
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Consulting Group, whose objective and mission is to provide sport stakeholders with a series of services that range among financial assistance, legal and normative consultancies, education, advocacy and communication activities. Our main targeted stakeholders are educative institutions, sport federations, professional clubs as well as youth sport clubs or single athletes.
Country ITALY
Contact person Name : Luca Verrascina
Address : Via delle Lame 2 - 40122 - Bologna, Italy
Telephone : +39 051 581954
Fax : +39 051 581838
Email :
Website :


Title Fight Against Match-fixing
Topics Combat match-fixing

Improve good governance in sport

Summary Through our educational programme (trainings on prevention, integrity networks, seminars and surveys), we aim to provide recommendations and raise awareness about the livelihoods, safety and reputation risks linked with match-fixing.
Our target is youth in schools and sports clubs, and regional and local sports federations and organisations.
Partners already involved Our goal is to find reliable partners to collaborate in developing and implementing the methodology of our educational programme, as well as merging our knowledge with the one of our partners, so to increase the impact and create a best practice in collaborative partnership.


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role
Expertise required We appreciate and value the expertise and reliability of partners that are registered in the EACEA and EU Systems. We are in favour of being approached by partners who feel they comply with the criteria and features as indicated by the EU.