Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Sailing sport club
Type of organisation Applicant
Role We are sailing sport club "Ostmarina". We are sail training non-governmental organization. Our club develop the sailing sport for young people. Our members participate in the Sailing Races, Regattas. We want applicate Erasmus+ small collaboration project. So we are searching partners.
Contact person Name : Egle
Address : Vankevice
Telephone : +37065610787
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Collaborative Partnership in the sailing sport field
Topics Support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations

Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development

Summary Project „KNOTS“ is for non-governmental sailing and similar water sport organizations.
Aim: to create a network of sailing and similar water sport organizations. This network encourage interaction between them and to improve this organizations management, exchange different experience, to share good ideas and practice and stuffs mobility.
Partners already involved Potential partners: Hungary Sail training organization, Latvian Sail organization.


Type of organisation Full Partner
Partners Role Project partners exchange the staff and members of organizations. All partners should to make possibility to invite one group from other organization and participate them to their activities. All expenses, related the reception of group, will be paid from the project fund.
Expertise required No