Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Gymnasium #2
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Organizing and participating in sport events, teacher and student exchange, etc
Contact person Name : Maryna
Address : Ambartsumian
Telephone : +375298837233
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Healthy lifestyle promotion
Topics Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the European Week of Sport

Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development

Summary We are looking for partners to organize events for enhancing healthy lifestyle among students and teachers of different countries.
Partners already involved We are ready to cooperation with any countries. We've had great experience in EU funded projects connected with sport. We cooperate with a Lithuanian Gymnsaium who will also act like our partner.


Type of organisation Applicant, Full Partner
Partners Role To submit the application to the organizing body of Erasmus +, to distribute and coordinate the events among partners
Expertise required should have experience in implementation of similar projects for school children