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Name of Organisation Falklands Xtreme Sports
Type of organisation Applicant
Role Xtreme Sports club based in the Falkland Islands that offers ball hockey as its core sport and is to introduce a skate park in the near future
Contact person Name : Marcus Morrison
Address : 5 Mink Park
Telephone : 0050021686
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title ISBHF World Championships June 2017
Topics Promote voluntary activity in sport

Improve good governance in sport

Summary The Falkland Islands are looking to send their first ever ball hockey team to the male senior World Championships in June 2017. Falklands Xtreme Sports are affiliated with the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF).
Partners already involved


Type of organisation Applicant
Partners Role To help sponsor the senior team by providing funds to cover costs of flights, accommodation and equipment for a team of 17 players.
Expertise required The Falkland Islands team will also require the assistance of ball hockey coaches provided by the ISBHF. Partners could assist with providing funds to facilitate their time in the Falkland Islands