Partner Detail

Name of Organisation Governorship of İstanbul - Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects
Type of organisation Applicant
Role The highest administrative authority with sub-units of Provincial Directorate of Youth Centers, Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects,Provincial Directorate of Culture, Provincial Directorate of Education, etc.
Country TURKEY
Contact person Name : Ahu Şimşek
Address : İstanbul
Telephone : 0905332186493
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Freedom Under the Water
Topics Promote voluntary activity in sport

Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

Summary URGENT CALL FOR partners for a Not-for Profit European Sport Event, a scuba diving activity, actualized by 12 countries. Theoretical-practical trainings will be provided to 2 amateur sports people (paraplegic/physically handicapped) per country.
Partners already involved Spain, the UK, Italy, Greece, Slovenia


Type of organisation Full Partner
Partners Role
Expertise required Experience in EU Funding
Public Bodies, NGOs, Organisations working in the fields of sport and social inclusion,and working with the youth, the disabled people and the refugees.