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Name of Organisation Finswimming team Komet
Type of organisation Full Partner
Role Club got this year a grant for project Aurora (Small collaborative partnership, Erasmus+ Sport). Its sport is Finswimming. A change of the name is undergoing: from Diving club to Finswimming team.
Contact person Name : Rubes Levada
Address : Ulica Grada Chicaga 28, Stan 9
Telephone : 0955316730
Fax :
Email :
Website :


Title Alba - multisport approach for a new sport dimension
Topics Promote voluntary activity in sport

Protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions

Summary Successful sportsmen and complete athlete train complementary sessions aside their main sport. A systematic multisport approach to 6-13 yo sportsmen may lead to less injuries, better results and a wider choice in life.
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Type of organisation Applicant
Partners Role Looking for clubs active also in other sports, better grassroots.
Expertise required Brand new clubs are welcome