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Project Summary Type of organisation
Super (Control Over Attitude of Children) Teaching rules of soccer... Full Partner
YOUTH SPORT YOUTH SPORT- bike, boules Applicant
Along the creative tralis of Sport Bring people closer to sport and sports culture; to renew and witness the ethical dimension and values of sport in society. Antroposport cultivates and develop the dialogue between sport and other areas relevant to the well-being: Environment and Nature, Medicine, Health, Tourism. Full Partner
Fair Play in sports We want to do learn with diferents realities. LFO was the club responsable to create the ultimate frisbee in the schools, and in universities in portugal. We want to know how is the development of this game in others countries. Other
Identified by Sports A project to encourage proactive approach and democratic values through playing sports (basketball and national sports). Applicant
Choose The Sport Project Choose The Sport is a new method of work with school population through extracurricular activity focused to build healthy lifestyles among children (age 8-9). Through the lectures that are adapted to their age, children will learn basic features of 26 Olympic-sports. The goal-motivate children to independently choose the sport. Applicant
Countering the Relative Age Effect in Young Footballers Providing the best football environment and coaching to children born between March and August who, through the impact of the Relative Age Effect, may have missed out on such opportunities. Applicant
Nordic Walking development in Europe To develop the network of Nordic Walking enthusiasts and best practice exchange. Full Partner
Sport and Business (sport as team builging) Interested in sports projects a business and sport (sport as team building). Full Partner
ERASMUS+ Sport Sport Association “Lekenik” from the Municipality of Lekenik in Croatia is looking for partners to develop a partnership in the frame of the ERASMUS+ call for proposals connected with Sport Action “Collaborative partnerships not related to the European Week of Sport 2016” (deadline 12th May 2016.). Full Partner
activity mountain sport against discrimination and intolerance in sport promote the activities of voluntary work in the mountain sports as a tool for social inclusion and against discrimination and intolerance in sport Full Partner
Erasmus+ SPORT LASE is looking for international partners to work on projects in frame of Erasmus+ SPORT. Organisation is looking forward to work together on two already existing projects - "Advancement of outdoor activities for different social groups of sustainable society" and "Volunteering in Sport as a formal education opportunity for students". Full Partner
Olympic Weightlifting for youngsters to help youngsters in building stability through an intense sport and give opportunity to combine future prospective in career. Applicant
Erasmus+ sport We are looking for a participation in a project that is related to sport, especially education in sport, youth, recreation, healthcare etc. Full Partner
Sport - dual career Athletes often face challenges to combine their sporting career with education or work. The main idea of this project should be beneficial for athletes sporting career, allow for education or work, promote the attainment of a new career after the sporting career, and protect and safegueard of athletes. Applicant
Be active with Karate To contribute to increased physical activity in daily life of children, youth, the disabled and the elderly and to develop the interpersonal respect in society in the scope of karate philosophy. Applicant
Fight Against Match-fixing Through our educational programme (trainings on prevention, integrity networks, seminars and surveys), we aim to provide recommendations and raise awareness about the livelihoods, safety and reputation risks linked with match-fixing. Our target is youth in schools and sports clubs, and regional and local sports federations and organisations. Full Partner
TOOSTRONG-Together We Are Strong we would like to arrange a not for profit football tournament for rural villages. Applicant
ACtivity Together OUTdoor The project aims to contribute towards promoting health, voluntary activity and active citizenship, specifically creating concrete, theoretical and evidence-based cultural instruments to promote sustainable inclusion and health through physical activity for young people with disabilities. Applicant
DUNKS - Dual European Network Career - Dual career eUropean & professioNal Knowledge in baSketball MSV in partnership with public/private Partners, has developed a strategy for athletic training, youth employment and training mobility within the theory and practice. Looking sports clubs from five/six EU, in which the talented basketball players, will be for three years to a professional club. Applicant
Sport Tourism concept project proposal to be defined Full Partner
P.L.A.Y! - Partecipation, Leadership, Action, Youth- promoting youth grassroot sports for social inclusion promote volunteering and inclusion among youngsters (children and youngsters) in grassroots sports, particularly focusing on volunteering aimed at supporting children/youngsters with low school outcomes (because migrant background, disabilities, low social/educational background...) through peer education and mentoring Full Partner
NEED APPLICANT FROM CZECH REPUBLIC FOR PROJECT IN SPORT!! Our project is since 2011. Every year we are changing Euroijada event host city in Europe! EUROIJADA is a sport and knowledge competition for youth. 1058 participants from 13 countries participated in last edition. This year we are coming to Prague and search for Czech Republic applicant. Full Partner
Street Heroes Sporting goes to the quarters in Hasselt with district tournaments and multimove with inflatable soccer field e.o. materials. Objective is to frame this in the neighborhood sport actions. Arktos collaboration working on the handling skills of football coaches. Also a target for recruitment and induction of young players Applicant
Completing and Marketing Creating and Publicising a footballers' profile and video network for two main purposes. 1. Helping aspiring footballers find scouts and vice-versa regardless of location 2. Helping regular people find football team mates in their local areas Applicant
Sport projects for all We want to implement and to participate as a partner in Erasmus projects related to Sport, physical activities and active lifestyle. We will also apply as a leading organization in 2016 - through "Europe for citizens" and in 2017 - through "Erasmus" Full Partner
Heathy Lifestyle Qualities of leading a healthy lifestyle Applicant
European Physically Active Kids - EPAKids Objective: Raise awareness about the importance of HEPA for preschool children Duration:12 months Specific objectives -Establish a long-term network for promotion and implementation of HEPA for preschool children -Exchange good practices for HEPA for preschool children -Enable innovative synergy with national focal points for EU Physical Activity Guidelines Applicant
Callaborative Partnership Project Partner Avaliable Having worked in several Erasmus + projects both as coodinator and partner, We would like offer ourselves as a professional and reliable Spanish partner in your Sports proposal-Maritime Tourism Education sector. Full Partner
The call of mountains Improvement of knowledge about hiking, with special attention on young population – 7 to 18 years old. Through the project we want to minimize the subjective and real danger related to hiking by organizing mountaineering school. Full Partner
Sport and physical activity, healthy lifestyle, climbing, mountain sports Administration, management, organisation, monitoring activities, event planner and operating activities. Sport event organisations, rock- and wall climbing activities. Healthy lifestyle seminars and workshops coordinating, professional climbing camps, competitions and trainings, team buildings organisations. Full Partner
EUROPE IS FIT The focus of the program is on increasing the number of active population of the EU: to exercise regularly in a variety of professionally managed fitness, sports programs (fitness training, aerobics, pilates, functional training, ect...) and thereby change their lifestyle - consequently, reduce and nullify their bad habits. Applicant
Europe&You.Bike Silvi Municipality, and the Sport Association “Cerrano Outdoor” expert in the cycling field are preparing a project focusing on a new model of sport offer based on cycling. Project aims: enhancing quality of life (more practice); use cycling as a means of promotion and mutual knowledge Applicant
Europe&You.Bike Silvi Municipality, and the Sport Association “Cerrano Outdoor” expert in the cycling field are preparing a project focusing on a new model of sport offer based on cycling. Project aims: enhancing quality of life (more practice); use cycling as a means of promotion and mutual knowledge Applicant
Erasmus Go Surfing To participate as a partner in Erasmus projects related to the sport of Surfing. In Portugal (and most specifically, in Lisbon) we have great natural and weather / wave conditions for this sport so it´s a great venue for all european students to learn and get connected to Surfing. Applicant
Development psychomotor in activities youth through the Method S.E.L.L. and monitoring of cognitive abilities with NeuroTelemetry The project includes a new working method (SELL) for the psychomotor development of young people, (regardless of sex, skin color, normal and disabled), useful for the development of cognitive skills, and monitoring with an electronic instrument noninvasive (NeuroTelemetry) that Currency brain activity, telemetry, while physically active. Applicant
Sport & Business Promote the dual careers of athletes; improve the quality of the managerial skills: how to develop an entrepreneurial or managerial career after the agonistic activity. Full Partner
hormons for growth fonction of hormons in the crop and seed Applicant
Cycling for all (provisional) The Hellenic Cycling Federation invites organisations to participate in a partnership involving cycling as a means to encourage voluntary physical activity. Cycling will be tackled from the environmental aspect as an alternative means of transport in overpopulated cities. The project's goals will be reached through cultural/educational/ environmental and artistic actions. Applicant
Wave On Wave – SEAfaring heritage and SPORTS for YOUNG People’s physical activity WoW focus on sports such as sailing, rowing, canoeing to improve the physical/mental health of youngs through physical activity and increase the number of amateurs. WoW has a distinctly international dimension by comparing the different approaches developed in the practice and management of these sports together with related aspects. Applicant
Gamified and Online Activities for Learning to Support Dual Careers of Athletes - GOAL The project aims to support active/non-active athletes in the development of their professional endeavours, after the end of their athletic career. The project creates a gamified online dual career educational programme for supporting dual careers of athletes using massive open online learning environments and games for sports and entrepreneurship. Applicant
Social inclusion by playing football. Football- the same language in Europe. Uniting the nations of Europe, inclusion of all social groups and age ranges by playing football. Giving people hope and motivation to live in peace between nations, inner peace and harmony and evaluate the value of doing sport daily because of higher fullfillment of happiness and health. Applicant
handball AS a group, we search a partner for our female handball team consists of people who was born in 1998-1999-2000 Full Partner
Inclusion Game we are building a project to inclusion young people 0-40 years old with mental disorders. many sports disciplines taught by champions in boys, many tournaments followed by psychotherapists. grandew an event which will also discuss feeding. Applicant
Water Gh-aims EuroCamp Water Gh-aims (Gender Harmony Games) EuroCamp, is a valuable opportunity for young athletes, trainers, volunteers and supporters, to have a full week camp experience in the name of sport, where everyone can take part in water games and activities, team work, workshops, excursions, conferences, thematic video trailers, traditional food tastings Applicant
Football for life Our target is to create a productive partnership aiming to tackle discrimination, help social inclusion and boost awareness regarding illegal actions. Full Partner
Sport & Inclusion Experimentation and exchange of local actions for the social inclusion of young people (12-18) with social difficulties, through the promotion of grassroots sport and non-formal education. 1. Experimental actions in the participating countries; 2. Youth Workers Exchange to share best practices; 3. Youth Exchange. Applicant
Youth programs and/or voluntary activities We are doing programs in diasadvantaged neighbourhoods for youth, and also want to involve volunteers in this programs. Full Partner
TBC TBC Applicant
Sports for Seniors We are looking for partners to develop a project on sports for the inclusion of older people. Sports is not only a way to be active and stay healthy at older age but also to stay socially connected. The NFE has a sports programme, developed specifically for older people. Full Partner
I-karate Global Organizing karate sport event for people with disabilities Other
Run Walk Play Path of mobility and competition that allows the participation of families or groups of citizens of all ages , regardless of gender. Including those with disabilities. Full Partner
INCLUSIVE SPORT FOR INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY Our aim is to promote the participation of the disabled people in inclusive sport as a mean to support their autonomy, wellbeing and social integration . The project should focus on identifyng and testing good practices in the organization of inclusive sport activities and linking sport clubs with schools Full Partner
Mens sana in corpore sano The project aims to encourage social inclusion especially for 3rd age. Sport improves social contacts and new relationships and it's specially recommended for people who commonly leads a sedentary lifestyle (60+). Applicant
Development of talent and integration This project has been active for over four years now and there is a huge need to incorporate the society into active sports while also promoting integration of different cultures. Applicant
Trainer Mother '' Just as Education starts in family, Sport education should start in family.'' for Further imformation Applicant
High 5 Aims sport as a tool to promote social integration, develop healthier lifestyles, and reinforce training and integral development of young people, in close contact with the family, school and community. Full Partner
Feel safe, Be safe (working title) A best practice exchange project with the aim to develop new tools on how to include more women into martial arts and raise awareness about gender-based violence. Applicant
Projects in the Field of Sport and Youth Mirandela Municipality in Portugal would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Sport and Youth Projects. Full Partner
Injuries, rehabilitation and prevention training for football players Injuries, rehabilitation and prevention training for football players. How to prevent knee injuries, etc. Applicant
VOLLEY FOR FOOD Volley 4 Food is a project which unites several elements, such as solidarity, voluntary work and volleyball practice. We are searching for partners who want to participate in this sportive event, composed by 2 phases: Training phase about voluntary work relating to sport and social action International Amateur Volleyball Tournament Applicant
Projects on HEPA and dual careers of athletes We are looking to work as a full partner organisation on projects concerning health enhancing physical activity (in particular those working with sports settings) and projects concerning the health and wellbeing of young athletes. Full Partner
Granollers Promote and attract events and initiatives that reinforce sports in Granollers gathering support for existing clubs Full Partner
Improving Fundamental Movement Skills in Children with a Volunteer Student Workforce Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) have been suggested as being contributory towards children's social, physical and cognitive development. Our project will train and deploy a student workforce to deliver FMS skills training to primary school children and evaluate the outcomes Applicant
European week of sport Important Italian hockey club. I am trying to get involved in the implementation of the European week of sport. We are able to get involved in other sports as well. Optimal and new sportive buildings able to host many sports and games, good staff and familiarity with projects management. Full Partner
Sports projects for all We are looking for a participation in a project that is related to sport, especially education in sport, youth, recreation, healthcare etc. Full Partner
Sport in the Environment of National Minorities – Between Integration, Assimilation and Linguistic Diversity The objective of the project is to exchange experience and foster cooperation between sport organisations active in the environment of national and ethnic minorities in Europe. Applicant
Go for the BIG BLUE.. Go Active. The joint action focuses on training and youth efforts. Watersports involve: sailing, water polo, swimming, triathlon, canoe kayak, windsurfing and stand up paddling. Volunteers are encouraged to participate, in order to highlight the beneficial relevant effects to all segments of the community. Place: Syros (Cyclades, Aegean Sea) and elsewhere. Applicant
"Come-On kids let’s Fair-Play". ο Promote the values of sport and fair play, passing these messages to youth: work, train, and share, "The Fair play is also a sport”. Full Partner
Sokol sports school The programm is carried out in Slovenia for 10 years and this year we are preparing an upgrade that will allow the expansion to international level and integration at EU level. With the upgrade, we expect a much larger number of participants and mentors from EU countries. Applicant
Movin' Mountains Promoting physical activity to improve lifestyle and health, by 3 actions: Sport4all: pilot project to increase sport activity for youngster, elderly and disabled SportDesk: to give information about sport events, facilities, promotions Sport&Health: Collaborating with health authorities for the promotion of healthy lifestyle, focused on physical activity and safe food Full Partner
WINNERS - we disseminate inclusion knowledge through European rules team sports The Municipality of Trani (South Italy) is Applicant of project WINNERS, acronym is we disseminate inclusion knowledge through European rules team sports, is a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the quality promotion voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, and health-enhancing physical activity. Applicant
SPORT T.R.U.C.E. - SOCIO CULTURAL INTEGRATION OF MINOR ANATOLIA WAR REFUGGES THROUGH SPORT EDUCATION & GAMES PLAY PARTICIPATION proactivelly tackle the following harmful irregularities:Marginalisation , social depreciation, apostrophe, xenophobia, prejudice, social bias, prejudgement, jaundiceharassment , social inclusion,racism, violence [prevention,awareness-raising education,training,cooperation for social integration of war refugges through sport]among sport related stakeholders.Support innovative & educational approaches to pro-actively prevent aforementioned harmful irregularities foster policies procedures practices in sport orgs Applicant
ERASMUS+ SPORT We are sports club TAE KWON DO from northern Greece and we are interested to participate in a sports project with other TKD clubs. The club has about 80 children aged 5-15 years old. We have the ability to organize International summer camps for TKD & Tournaments. Full Partner
BOTCH-EE - Bocce all abilities can play together We want to promote the traditional sport of "Bocce", spread throughout Europe, as a tool to foster integration in sports activities for people with disabilities. Applicant
Judo360º Share Experiences among European Judokas. Applicant
Venture Services Investment We are a sport and arts management company,located in Cameroon.We created 40 brands and concepts in areas such as numeric technologies,fashion,agroindustry, cosmetics and transport. The"MD4G" model is one of our offer used to restructure and manage the industry of sport;it will be implement in 18 countries. Applicant
Sports events We are looking for partners to exchange good practices in the field of Physical Education and organise sports games like basketball, football, volleyball and tennis games. Applicant
Swimming Sports European week of swimming Applicant
Erasmus + Sport Partner for Erasmus + project. We are experienced in organising an international sports events with kids, youth, incl. those with special educational needs and so on. Organising conferences, meetings, oval tables and so on. Making websites, electronic content, such as journals, forums and so on. Full Partner
Brunel Manor We would like to create an outdoor gym area to benefit the local community, and guests. Applicant
Healthy lifestyle cycling, hiking, swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball active use of leisure time for young, healthy lifestyle. Full Partner
#WushuElixir Project intends to ensure participation in sport and physical activity of elderly people and people with disabilities, including people with conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis and cancer. The idea is to promote active lifestyle among target groups focusing on synergy between physical exercise, mental peace and health improvement. Applicant
Sport and mobility We intend to supported exchanges between managers and athletes across Europe. We want to organize common training and workshops dedicated to sport. We would like to host tournaments and encourage the propagation of sports practice. Full Partner
Sport shooting throught the sportshooting Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, especially by supporting the implementation of EU strategies, notably the EU Gender Equality Strategy and the EU Disability Strategy Applicant
Dual Careers Region and its surroundings offer many possibilities for sports activities. Especially in developing economies in terms of sports tourism. As regards the effects of the project, we can generate new jobs in the field of sports tourism. Full Partner
Happy Youth Meet with HEMSBALL We want to dissemination new sport branch.HEMSBALL is a fun and entertaining new sport that can be played by people of all ages. It can be played easily in both outdoor and indoor areas. Full Partner
ENSAGE - European Network of Sports Academies for Gender Equality Aims to create a European network of Sports Schools to increase the participation of women in sport, through increased practice of physical and sporting activities of the girls in the extra-school physical education and increase the degree of involvement of women in the different professional levels (coaches, managers, etc.) Applicant
'Through football to healh and good character' We would like to cooperate on the field of developing good examples of healthy lifestyle through football training and competitions for youth. Full Partner
I'm offering my organization as a partner I'm offering my organization as a partner Full Partner
Building confidence and collaboration through sport Educational and training modules and tools developed and conducted in the field of sailing. Seminars, educational workshops and awareness-raising activities on the added value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals. Full Partner
“Physical activity program adjusted to elderly people in urban environments” (Collaborative Partnership) Define technical/operational conditions/methodologies and develop physical activity program(s) for elderly living in urban environments. Training of sport trainers and pilot implementation in gym /swimming pool /other sport facilities. Possibility to financing state of the art equipment. Young volunteers’ involvement, good practice transfer, result diffusion, strengthening partner ties for future cooperation Full Partner
Social Inclusion through Sport (SITS) This programme seeks to research community based multi-sports models in a number of northern European communities and how these models can engage with the various marginalised individuals and groups to promote participation in sport and physical activity. Applicant
Olympism at School The Andalusian Government, through the Andlusian would like to disseminate the Olympism values by implementing a program of Olympism at School and by celebrating a final Olympic Games with the participation of athletes from the countries of partners Applicant
EUROPEAN YOUTH BASKETBALL FESTIVAL (EYBF) This project aims to protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions. We are going to organize a racing series , day conferences and visits of good practices. Applicant
Climbing for all Small Collaborative Partnerships aiming at encouraging social inclusion&equal opportunities in climbing. One of the main goal will be the sharing of an innovative approach “for all” in the teaching of climbing (Metodo Caruso) focused on the identification of the basic bio-mechanical principles that underlie human motion in the vertical dimension Other
Funding Trust Organisation that can assist us with funding or link us with potential funders to assist our project. Other
Funding Trust Organisation that can assist us with funding or link us with potential funders to assist our project. Other
Freedom Under the Water URGENT CALL FOR partners for a Not-for Profit European Sport Event, a scuba diving activity, actualized by 12 countries. Theoretical-practical trainings will be provided to 2 amateur sports people (paraplegic/physically handicapped) per country. Applicant
ERASMUS+ SPORT, street gymnastics,outdoor gym area, sport for all URGENT!The"street gymnastics"movement fathers and founders looking for partners for Erasmus+Sport program.We are looking for collaborative partners for the development of: 1) "street gymnastics"; 2) outdoor street gym area building; 3) "sport for all"promotion,development and creation project. Applicant
INCLUSIVE & ADAPTED SPORT - BOCCIA FOR ALL This project aims at raising awareness of boccia as a good practice for social inclusion, equal opportunities, awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity and equal access to sport for all, through the promotion of voluntary activity in sport and non-formal education. Applicant
SPORT_CONNECTED ERASMUS+ project, focused on fighting extremism and radicalism amongst the youth in Europe with the name SPORT_CONNECTED. Not-for-profit European sport events NOT related to the 2016 European Week of Sport. Applicant
Erasmus + Sport Creating, organizing, implementing and financing programs and projects that promote and support culture, art, sport and education. These shall include in particular: social actions, seminars, symposia, discussions, conferences, lectures, workshops, readings, contests and polls and other forms of knowledge transfer. Full Partner
Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, especially by supporting the implementation of EU strategies, notably the EU Gender Equality Strategy and the EU Disability Strategy Applicant
Erasmus Sport Facilities We are a govermental contrubitor for The National Youth and Sports. We have more than 4 thousand sportsmen and teenager. They are aged between 11-19. We have several medals both in national and international computations. Applicant
football club collabaration we would like to be partner in football organisations Applicant
Football from all If football is to be played and enjoyed equally by everyone, whatever the colour of their skin, and wherever they come from, it is up to us all, each and every one of us, to refuse to tolerate racist attitudes Full Partner
Erasmus + sport Sports and recreational activities are of utmost importance for the maintenance of health and physical fitness for paraplegics. Our aim is to promote participation of paraplegics in different sports (handcycling, wheelchair basketball, etc.) social integration and to achieve equality of people with disabilities in sport and social inclusion. Full Partner
Legal and administrative support Legal and administrative support for the sports NGOs volunteers.Sports law, civil law, and constitutional law of the EU. Full Partner
Sport for all Exchange of the good practice to involve different groups in physical activities. Full Partner
IT WILL HAPPEN ONLY IF YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN a project on building self confidence by using sports as a non formal means of education Full Partner
ISBHF World Championships June 2017 The Falkland Islands are looking to send their first ever ball hockey team to the male senior World Championships in June 2017. Falklands Xtreme Sports are affiliated with the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF). Applicant
Erasmus Sport Projects We want to implement and to participate as a partner in Erasmus projects related to Sport, physical activity and active lifestyle. We will also apply as a leading organization in 2016 - through "Europe for citizens" and in 2017 - through "Erasmus" Full Partner
Hand Across the Borders We are wishing to engage with Basketball clubs in Europe, mainly Lithuania, Poland and France to exchange knowledge both technical, business and educational on the role of Basketball in youth development. Applicant
Sports for life To engage the community in sports and physical activity to develop social inclusion and health benefits. Full Partner
Surfing Europe It aims at: increasing interest in sport among children with special needs; encouraging the sharing of practices and the exchange of experiences by creating a network of entities operating in the field of sport and engaged with the issue of social inclusion; defining sport education guidelines and protocols. Full Partner
Intergenerational Olympics After the success of the Olympics Intergenerational project, cofounded by ERASMUS + Programme - European Events profit, we intend to submit a new application based on Intergenerational Olympics, as good practice and its potential for replication in the most aged regions of Europe. Applicant
Scope 4 Success Gifted & Talented Program This program will focus on developing leadership skills, building self-confidence, and most importantly trying to help maximize the talents they have been fortunate enough to receive. The young people will have to maintain good behaviour, satisfactory grades, and a high level of commitment to complete this program. Applicant
Fighting Obesity through sports It has been noted that Greece has one of the highest rates of obese students in Europe.wE WANT THEREFORE TO PROVIDE THE CHANCE TO STUDENTS TO RECOGNISE THE VALUE OF EXERCISE AND SPORTS IN COMBATING THIS PROBLEM AND GET A HEALTY WAY OF LIVING. Applicant
Sport and disability We are currently looking for applicants willing to implement projects in sport and disability. We have a good experience in this field with two successfull european projects implemented : INSPORT project (collaborative project) and ESPORANTO project. Full Partner
Parents & Children: together in Sports. Physical exercise / volunteering / outdoors activities / come closer to sports / for 2 connected generations: Parents & Children together in sports and physical activities. Full Partner
Let's Get Everyone Sporty Looking to partner with organisations interested in multi sport and community sport delivery Full Partner
Erasmum K2 A project that involves English for Adult learners. Applicant
Sport for companies, corporations, SME, and so on We create multisport events for companies and corporations as part of their CSR programs. 18 sports, one week end, thousands of participants. The best combination sport-business-tourism. Worldwide community Sport for life ! Applicant
Move it - Shake it - Push it We aim 1) to study and bring new ideas to motivate students do physical exercise 2) to study one’s physical fitness and health to positive learning experiences 3) to get information on current physical education level in partner schools as well as the level at the end of the project period Applicant
Boxing-K1 Promote voluntary activity in sport. Encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. Applicant
Let's Get Football Moving With Charity There are so many organisations around the world which wishes to use football for social interventions. Songdeh Football Academy is one of them. We want too help the youth of Gambia through football tackled with a charity approach. Full Partner
Center of excellence in sports management (EMEA Region) Our strategy is to develop future leaders in different fields of sports. The center will be located in Egypt and will serve the Middle Eastern and African Market. the Center will provide sports management programs accredited from European Institutes as well as courses in sports coaching and other sports related fields. Full Partner
JumpOver The Project idea is to organize one European Unified Training Week for five disciplines (Basketball, Swimming, Bowling, Boccia, table tennis). It is planned to bring 5 communities from 5 different european countries to Germany to practice for one week. Applicant
sports and tourism our academy is based in center of the village / as we live in the beach area we are interested to develop sports and cultural programs in europe. Applicant
Cap-You-Spor Make my city a "Capital of Youth Sports". Full Partner
International Talent Development project Youth cycling over different countries and clubs to promote and develop cycling talents and experiences in combination with mixed teams Full Partner
EU principles on good governance in sport Main aim to create a European network to enhance the competences in sport management and to develop monitoring and comparative analysis of indicators in the promotion of behaviour and ethical codes of conduct. Providing an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of ethical decision-making for the sport administrator. Full Partner
Erasmus Plus Sport Projects Implement and participate as Greek partner in projects related to physical activity and active lifestyle for hard to reach populations Full Partner
Promoting skills development and participation in sport and physical activity by supporting EU Physical Activity Guidelines To encourage participation in sport and physical activity through implementation of Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines Full Partner
Futbol and healty live style for the young people We trained in educational values ​​to young athletes of Catalonia and want to share experiences with other club and associations from the rest of Europe. We want to promote a healthy lifestyle, equality, voluntary, and all the values ​​that sport gives us. ALWAYS GOOD HUMOR AND JOY Full Partner
Sport for Change Sport & Physical Activity used as a vehicle to reduce social inequality and drive social change in towns / cities in Norfolk. Inequality such as crime, income deprivation, isolation and unemployment would be reduced as a result of this project. Full Partner
Connect Teens by Playing Squash Organizing a multi-country Squash event for Junior Squash Players to support the mobility of young athletes and coaches to improve skills of players and build a network among young Squash players. Applicant
Developing skills for Coordinating Human Sources in Sport We would like to create a project and and do actions to build capacity in sport clubs and sport centres in the field of volunteering and human source to promote young people to volunteer for sport events and also to promote sport clubs in social inclusion for disadvantaged. Full Partner
NowWeBike * to organise a cycling tour at four countries, * to promote NowWeBike campaing * to promote HEPA as daily transportaiton and tourism modal by bike * the cycling is a good vehicle for a communication tools between citizens * to organise a cycling tour each 4 countries with regional authoroties Applicant
We Are Tie Up With Futsal Project aims to create a link between different university students. In the project, the futsal league competitions will be organized between universities in each country. So the participants would be able to move their futsal skills to the next level by playing against a competitor from a different country. Applicant
Sport Integration Immigration and Language The University of Foreigners of Siena would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Programme in the field of Sport. Full Partner
Sport projects Our goal is to create opportunities via productive partnership aiming to tackle physical activity participation, good governance in sport, social inclusion through sport, volunteering. Full Partner
Skills for Life developed in youth through sport participation We are aiming to contribute as partners in projects: a)aiming to develop social and emotional skills in youngsters through sport and b) aiming to promote social inclusion in sport Full Partner
Learning to play together Through this project we will put in practise the good governance tools among the grassroot sports volunteers. The objective of the project should be that everybody involved in grassroot sport must adopt good practises to integrate and promote the sport in a healthy and satisfying way. Full Partner
sports partnership and volunteers. We need a partner who can help in running the sports project and help us market our volunteers program through global sports volunteers Kenya Ltd. Full Partner
Erasmus+ Giovani per l’Europa, an Italian organization is specialized in European Internships programmes. We are working in the field of Erasmus+ KA1 - KA2 School Education Courses, Vocational Training Courses, Internship Trainings, Sfaff and Students Mobility, Technical Visits for Job Shadowing and Workshops. Full Partner
Erasmus Plus Sport Projects Encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the European Week of Sport, Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity Guidelines. Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport, sport-social events, volunteerism, and charity sport. Full Partner
PLAYMORE! SPORT FOR ALL The project aims at encouraging equal access and active participation of children (5-12 years old) in different sports disciplines and activities (eg athletics, football, rugby, etc.) and promoting social inclusion in sport and through sport with particular attention for children with disadvantaged background and fewer opportunities, especially in urban areas. Applicant
SPORT FOR ALL To provide teaching and coaching skills for those responsible for the delivery of sports activities for schools,club and grass roots development. Delivered by fully qualified teaching and coaching staff Also develop 'E.U. YOUNG AMBASSADORS for the next generation of teachers and sports coaches Full Partner
Special Education and Sport We want to participate in projects that support the social, physical and cognitive development of individuals who need special education. Full Partner
Mobility for young teachers of sport and phisical culture Horezm region have a lot of new sport bildings oriented for 18 kinds of sport in 4 specialisation such as: swimming, tennis, badminton, wrestling, gymnastics. Graduates of phisical facility require habits and training abroud to learn international standards for the preparation of talented youth sports Applicant
Promote voluntary activity in sport Promote voluntary activity in sport Other
rehablitation throu sport how torehablitate persons with disability throu sport. Applicant
Kick for Peace Soccer Tournament The project recognizes and demonstrates the value of sport to unite, motivate, inspire, educate and encourage peaceful solutions and cultural understanding and teach essential values such as cooperation and respect for the rule of law. Applicant
Kick for Peace Soccer Tournament The project recognizes and demonstrates the value of sport to unite, motivate, inspire, educate and encourage peaceful solutions and cultural understanding and teach essential values such as cooperation and respect for the rule of law. Applicant
Promoting AF and Sports for health Two thirds of the Spanish population perform no PA at all or only occasionally in their leisure time. PA significantly reduces the relative risk of common non-communicable diseases. The socioeconomic impact of PI is enormous. It is urgent to implement preventive measures and effective policies promoting PA and sport Full Partner
football academy Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development,esp. in the fied of football Applicant
Croquet sport as a tool for social inclusion Organisation of croquet coaching in elderly homes and an international croquet tournament Applicant
Healthy lifestyle promotion To enhance healthy lifestyle habits among teenagers and teachers Full Partner
Nautic Sport Inclusion With this project we want to have the opportunity to increase the water sports and motivate more persons to feel the river and the nature and also to promote the social education and social integration of the young people from the poor neighborhoods Full Partner
Sport and Crime We are considering applying in a future window. Other
Sport and Crime We are looking to apply in a future window to expand the work of the National Alliance of Sport for the Desistance of Crime. Other
Motivate Children from below average GDP countries to love swimming (SWIMwin) • to transfer and exchange innovative knowledge to test children swimming skills and knowledge; • the promotion, identification and sharing of good practices of coach leadership style that motivates children to swim; • to raise awareness among children, parents and local communities of the importance and benefits of swimming; Applicant
Sport governance and social inclusion Friuli Venezia Giulia region would like to join as partner a project dealing with good governance and/or social inclusion. Full Partner
Reducing the Use of Doping-performiing-Enhancing Drugs among Youth in Europe ( RUDYE) How to change youth habits using different Doping-Enhancing Drugs and nutrition supplements for sports and fitness but also in social everyday life. Applicant
Child Education Education is a fundamental right for all children .In this project,Immersion Outfitters is working with school girls, youth, parents, teachers and civil society in Liberia, to ensure they have a strong role in holding their government to account in ensuring free public education of a high standard. Full Partner
sport we want to participate in a project of comparing best practices to boot the sport young people, to promote social inclusion, to create well-being Applicant
Healthy Children and Healthy Generations It will be share in a soon time... Applicant
Baseball Week against racism We want to create a small program to encourage young people from small communities to be involved in sport - for that, our plan is to apply for a small collaborative project to train young baseball players from 3 countries, in Romania, next year Full Partner
grassroots sports in the mountain environment We are looking for partners in the field of mountain biking, mountain running and other grassroots sports related with nature. Applicant
Sport Youth & Entrepreneurship Support youngsters capabilities and opportunities in developing local sport event and foster the role of grassroots sport clubs in activating youth potential in social entrepreneurship in the field of sport Full Partner
Born to cycle Addressed to young people promotes cycling as healthy habit that allows to gain independence, to experience a great sense of freedom. Allows better knowledge of the territory and the city, the learning of the road rules, the understanding of the environment as a common good to be protected and respected Applicant
project manager on behalf of a non profit organization which is Olympiakos Nicosia we are consider to apply for skills development for young players. Full Partner
Handball for All Supporting the cooperation in the field of handball for children Other
Chess at School Introduce chess in usual school activities. Applicant
sports, rehabilitation, training Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University would like to be partner in Erasmus+ Sport and Youth Projects. Full Partner
Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development - non-profit sport organisations The organization strives to get the voice of youth heard, and acts as a platform for advocacy on social, integration, economic and cultural youth issues. Full Partner
Kosovo Elite Athlete Development Programme The project aims to provide an opportunity to young talented and elite athletes in Kosovo to excel in their individual sports, promote sport among Kosovo youth, and promote Kosovo internationally. Full Partner
Social Inclusion through sport and physical activities The idea will promote the mental health and wellbeing in “youth and adults” to prevent more serious cases of mental health disorders before they appear through community based cross-functional approaches and involvement of school, society and healthcare providers in one team. Full Partner
SPORT4ALL: Sport as a tool for community inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities The practice of sport is a fundamental part of individuals’ socialization. It provides objective and subjective well-being in different areas, such as interpersonal relationships, social inclusion and emotional well-being, physical welfare, etc. The project aims to promote sports and leisure program for PWID (person-centred approach, community assets) Applicant
Una montagna di sport per tutti Develop accessible formats in leisure sport.The program should support initiatives related at accessible sport events (biking, walking, climbing, rafting, ski, other..) in which members of minority groups (persons with disability/autism ..), as well as members of local associations (primary schools, leisure clubs for elderly,..)are involved. Applicant
PANORAMA SPORT The project aim to create a training center in the center of Italy to host a cooperation of partners to manage together the new policies for prevention, control and execution of sports in Europe Applicant
Healthy lifestyle promotion We are looking for partners to organize events for enhancing healthy lifestyle among students and teachers of different countries. Full Partner
Collaborative Partnership in the sailing sport field Project „KNOTS“ is for non-governmental sailing and similar water sport organizations. Aim: to create a network of sailing and similar water sport organizations. This network encourage interaction between them and to improve this organizations management, exchange different experience, to share good ideas and practice and stuffs mobility. Applicant
Youth participation in Sport We are willing to co-operate in the projects that want to renew cultural behavior in schools and sport clubs. - How to encrease youth participation and physical activity during the schoold day? - How to encrease youth participation in sport clubs? Other
Development of a European Platform for Child Protection in Sport The overall objetive si the prevention of any type of abuse, mistreatment of any ill practica regarding children in the sphere of physical activity and/or sport. Evidencie now shows that a Prevention Platform on an European Scale intégrated into nacional systems may contribute to this significantly. Full Partner
Looking for new Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnerships We are exploring possibilities of cooperation with sport governing bodies, European NGOs or universities for new projects in Collaborative Partnerships in several fields. Please not that not all partnerships can be endorsed, and not all projects supported. Full Partner
Development of national model for Dual Careers of Athletes Faculty of Kinesiology with partners in Croatia, NGO and Croatia Olympic committee want to develop study models for athletes. Applicant
Coaching Education Program for Lacrosse Coaching program for Lacrosse Players and interested Person. The aim is to get more European located Person to Coach Lacrosse (former Player, parents,...) Further, improve mobility and Networking of People involved in the Sport of Lacrosse in Europe. Full Partner
Sport 4 All We want to change our public space in cities for promoting physical activity in our citizens. Research new ways, collect good practices, and write guides about it. Applicant
New sports recognition Help new sports to be recognized by official national and international bodies, as sport ministries and NOC's. Through this recognition, they will be able to get funding and develop Applicant
Adapted physical activities – active and healthy lifestyle for everyone The aim of the project is to organise 2 day seminar in Kuldiga with lectures and workshops about adapted physical activities. Target audience - sports teachers, SEN teachers, physiotherapists, everyone who is interested in the topic. Applicant
Social Return on Investment in Sport We would like to work with partners to devise an international model for benchmarking the sector and to value the health, crime, education, social capital and wellbeing benefits of sport at the national level for supporting future investment. Full Partner
"Dancesport" sport and dance fusion by inclusion We want to include young people with down Syndrome in the community, through activities such as sport and dance. A new concept where we do dance steps, combined with gymnastics steps, aerobics steps, various warm - up exercises, flexibility, jumping, running, etc. Also breathing exercises and some yoga methods. Applicant
sports organisation school and sport team work education through sport olympic education Applicant
Sport COACHES block Fixers PROACTIVE tackling of Sport events & sport games manipilation [match fixing]through awareness raising - learing - education - training of european sport coaches and trainers in order to protect themselves from match fixers and transfers of relevant knowledge and experise to their players and athletes through seminars & train-the-trainer sessions Applicant
Nature olympics The purpose of our project is to organize nature olympics in our region during European Sports week Applicant
Promotion of physical activity and social inclusion We search partners/applicants for projects promoting physical activity, counteracting doping and match fixing, encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport (female football). Full Partner
Playing basket, a good lifestyle The objective of the association will be to exchange good practices through the mobility of coaches, players and managers. We also want to show to the young players the educational and integration values of the basketball sport. Applicant
THE FUTUR PLAY TODAY This Project looks for sports meetings among young people to play basketball for Young people from 12 to 30 years old. We also look for exchange among trainers. Full Partner
We make dodgeball popular We promote dodgeball among kids and students by organizing of competitions and festivals. But we do not have enough sports equipment and literature which will help in promoting this sport activity. We will be very grateful for any help in popularizing of this sport. Applicant
Rock and Roll Education and learning through outdoor sports and activities. Applicant
T11 CAMP - ENGLISH & FOOTBALL IN MALTA Talent Eleven Camp (TEC) is designed for boys aged 16 to 24 years, with these contents: - English Course (Intensive, 4 hours per day, Monday to Friday). - Football Training Sessions with the highest level of professional instruction in youth football. Applicant
Sporting without barriers Increase self awareness, talents of under privileged groups, promote social inclusion as more value for the community, support involvement and enhancing skills of volunteers, upgrading and optimize through existing format,involving in the concept local leisure associations, schools and/or other minory groups Full Partner
A sport project about more active and healthy life We are eager to encourage people to do sports by attending different activities organized by the applicant of the project. Applicant
Sport and leiusre infrastructure investment and management Development of standards of sport and leisure infrastructure (human resources, finance, program, architecture & technologies). Implementation of MPSI Evaluation of sport and leisure infrastructure investment and management. Evaluation fields: (1) status & ownership, (2) sustainable development, (3)socio-economic development & sport industry, (4) program, (5) infrastructure and (6) management. Full Partner
Schools League The Schools League Project,which is the first and unique project in Turkey still ongoing under the aegis of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality,is aimed at social inclusion of young people through sport including youngsters with fewer opportunities, creating equal opportunity,raising awareness about the physical education by competitions in football, basketball,volleyball,orienteering Applicant
Erasmus + SPORT: The Emotional Inteligence challenge to grow up as people and to get better results in sport. To work the emotional intelligence, assertivity, social habilities to make good citizens to face the different challenges of competition in a sport teenager champion's life. Applicant
European Sports Week of Sports EUROPEAN project that contains events that will take place in the "European Week of Sport". Week of Sport. Applicant
Sports for development To use sports as an instrument for individual development,promotion of gender equity,peace building and conflict resolution,communication as well as social mobilization. Applicant
Erasmus + Sport Encourage participation in tennis and especially by supporting Paralympic tennis players. Applicant
Focusing athletes whole develoment Development is the term which doesnt have a dimension. İt incorparates different dimensions. İts physical,psychological,social dimensions. We focus about this dimensions on youth players in our club. Full Partner
Projects in the field of sports badminton and youth One of the main directions of our organization is the implementation of social sports project - "The interregional center of sports development of children and youth". We are in active search of main partners (applicant-coordinator) for collaborative partnership. Full Partner
Triathlon mobility of trainers and elites athletes Mobility of trainers and elites athletes. Full Partner
Functional Trainnig for people with disabilities. We intend to develop a functional training program with other institutions that also have people with disabilities. The objective is to optimize the performance of these people in daily activities and also in sports. Full Partner
Learn and help To explore the experience of international organizations in providing rehabilitation services to veterans through participation in international programs, followed by the organization of a summer camp for 50 active rehabilitation Veterans ATO. Full Partner
PEACEFUL JERSEYS Combat social exclusion throught voley and ping pong and be part of Peaceful Jerseys Festival signed teams jerseys show together with applications, Sport simulators, educational video with athletes and work shops Full Partner
supporting dual carers in skiing we are looking for partners for creating a small collaborative project to support dual career athletes and prevent athletes to abandon racing too early. Applicant
FUTURE + Projects related to sports (ideally wrestling and gymnastics) aimed at social inclusion in underprivileged districts. Working in these environment entails a different approach and methodology. Applicant
Developing and promoting of Coaches, roles we would like to exchange experiences , skills and techniques to push forward the football coaching . Also to participate in training internationally. Applicant
Digital technology as a tool for providing equal opportunities in sport This project aims to connect new technologies to football in order to improve the process of selecting and developing athletes, but mainly to enhance the provision of equal opportunities to athletes coming from different geographical or socio-economic background for both their participation and promotion. Applicant
Networking NGOs with sport With network of sport NGOs we wold promote voluntary activities in sport and encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. Full Partner
Sport and healthy lifestyle We would like to take part in an Erasmus + project for Sport, collaborative partnerships. We have some ideas in this topic, e.g how handicapped persons feel during sport, playing with the different sense organs, how it can be combined with healthy lifestyle for the agegroup 14 and 19. Full Partner
Search for Partner for Small Collaborative Partnership Project (Erasmus+ Sport) The Project intends to reinforce and promote the role of sport as instrument for integration, social inclusion and equal opportunities of specific target groups. promote and exchange methods, best practises about the volunteering activity and participation in sport facilitate and increase the participation of specific target groups in sport activities Applicant
Sport for all (working title) Sport Applicant
Sport For Youth To contribute to the expansion of Youth Sports,to contribute to the development of sports,to facilitating voluntary training methods FairPlay is developing a spiritual generation that creates a sporting culture in the community,helps our coaches to contribute to professional development of the leaders,He plays an active role in the challenge ofdoping. Full Partner
Win Without Violence The project seeks to spread among children and in grassroots sport, the importance of winning without violent behavior. For this, an awareness campaign and a training oriented to coaches, referees and all interested parties are carried out. Applicant
Learn Culture With sports Young athletes who belong to a club of athletics, soccer, volleyball ... and want to make an exchange to live a cultural learning experience collaborating with a sports club of the same discipline in another country. Applicant
Coaching Development We would like to encourage our coaches to develop their skills from overseas gymnastics clubs and enable coaches from other clubs to learn from our skills Applicant
SportAGE innovative policies to promote sport as prehevention and wellness among citizens Applicant
Partner Support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sport organisations. Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development Full Partner
Treeking Championship for Youth In Romania we have initiated a trekking championship. The project start in 2012 and now we have more then 50 ngo that take part each year. So we want to expand to Europe Full Partner
Ride to learn The project aims at promoting sports activities of pedal cars, networking small and medium cities and schools where this events are already organised, but only at local level, giving them a European dimension. Sharing experiences both for promotion of sports and for education. Applicant
European programme of spreading sporty lifestyle We are initiating to establish an international work group for ERASMUS+ program, which creates profoundly new, universally valid methods and techniques to popularize sport widely. Its feature is a desired package of methodological techniques by the help of partners experienced in the following topics. Applicant
franco eret Applicant
NOVIS - No Violence in Sport The NOVIS collaborative project will involve young people to the true sport culture and real values of sport. We already have a strong partnership, but we are looking for one good partner located in France or Belgium. We accept application also from Hungary, Poland and Portugal. Applicant
Raising awareness about safety in water sports. The objective of the project is to promote participation in water sports through fostering a culture about the risks related to water sports and how to act in case of injury. The project will consist of organizing a seminar in Bulgaria on the subject with participants from three EU countries. Applicant
PANTIN ECO SURF To develop a sporting event 100% respectful with the environment, 100% respectful with people; whose format could be used to implant anywhere in Europe or the World. Applicant
We would like to become partners We are willing to cooperate in the project for inclusion trough sports as partners. Full Partner
Education with Taekwondo Education with Taekwondo Other
PEMFT (provisional) The project aims at evaluating the impact of pulsed electromagnetic fields on sport performance in adult and senior people. Thirty volunteers will be tested and their performance will be measured thanks to a set of indicators such as O2 concentration in bloodstream and heartbeat. Applicant
Socialize by Sports for ALL – SSALL We will organized European Sports Olympiad for amateurs. The focus will be on promotion of healthy lifestyle supporting the social inclusion of marginalized groups, no matter their age, sex, ethnicity or disability. Applicant
Come on mountains To cooperate with international and local mountaineering and nature sports clubs and associations to promote mountaineering and nature sports and to make them more effective in education and to give advice to governments in this regard. Full Partner
Youth Volleyball Net- in European Dimension We want to create an European net of schools specialized in volleyball training to exchange experience and good practice, common training sessions and workshops,carry out improvement program. Full Partner
Sport shooting Our sport club supports the importance of physical and personal developement. Archery carries with it numerous advantages, helping its practicants to improve abilities such as: strategic thinking, focusing and learning to be more organized in their work. Therefore, we create equal opportunities for everyone. Applicant
Sport , tool of social inclusion and progress in UE community The project plans to involve other associations active in sport to week of sports activities : two days will be devoted to seminars on Antidoping and the fight against racism in sport. Four days will be devoted to non-competitive mixed team tournament. Applicant
ERASPORT + our aim is to increase love, peace, frendship through playing sports... Full Partner
Erasmus+ Tennis Project We have an Erasmus+ Sport project about Tennis Age Group: 7-14 Teachers use tennis as an educational tool and pupils learn tennis with a special method by guidance of "classroom teachers". You dont have to be a tennis expert but surely you have to be a teacher. Applicant
SAIL SAIL is a project among associations, municiapalities and other entities to emprove beach and water sport all over the Europe. Applicant
Coaching mentoring In Swedens we are new to futsal but fairly good with management as it in our culture. We need to learn from more developed countries, especially coaching of futsal teams. We want to study how, for example, Spain is doing it. Full Partner
all types of projects all tematics Full Partner
IKAMVA SPORTS & PERFORMING ARTS INITIATIVE Ikamva Sports & Performing Arts Inititiative (NPO 153-095)is a not-for- profit organization has adopted a school and is providing after-school Sports, Arts and Educational programme that is aimed at curbing social ills amongst children and youth in South Africa. Applicant
Sport Collaborative Projects Governance, skills development, transparency, impacts, sustainability Full Partner
étudier à l'étranger je veut étudier a l'étranger , j'ai master en éducation physique et sportive spécialité mouvement humain et motricité Applicant
equipments for junior soccer coaching CHIKWIJI soccer academy participating in conducting soccer clinics and coaching to the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities around Ukerewe Islands in Mwanza Tanzania, thus due to shortage of fund we are looking for partners who are willing to work with us for the benefit of all... Applicant
Opportunities For Young Players. Every club and association in Europe must give more opportunities to younger players. This way we aim to the indivitual development for those who have the talent and will to succeed. Applicant
Partners for Soccer Development in Sub-Saharan Africa We assist vulnerable children to achieve maximum function and adjustment in the larger society through education, employable skills training support and sports development. Applicant
Dance forever It can be KA1 youth exchange, as a course about theory and practical seminars with trainers from differnt countries. Or KA2 cooperation project - methodology og sport dancing in different countries... Other
sport and social inclusion - innovative methods in coaching related to sport, health and interpersonal development. Other
Inclusive Youth Sport Development Initiative Develop sport as an integral instrument that promotes socio-economic inclusion for youth development, reinforce sport as inclusive social socioeconomic development. To develop functional training programs for youth in sport. collaborating with institutions that uplift performance of disadvantaged youth for equal opportunities Applicant
Youth football unite and educate! Looking par partners, to have some common trainings, tournaments, expierence exchange and develop our education skills! Full Partner
COMMUNITY OUTREACH THROUGH SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES •Community Outreach >Self-Help Group Project – SHG >Sports camps and training for different sports and games. •Vulnerable Persons Empowerment Program >Equality opportunity in sports ( gender, social status, disabilities ) >Income Generating Activity Project – IGAP >Community bore whole >DRUGS DESTROY campaign >Civil education and policy platforms during election >Peer support projects Applicant
Success Packages Within this project, comprehensive and sports schools receive packages with sports equipment, based on their activity and not on ability to pay. Project goals: -Promote love for sport and interest in physical education, facilitate healthy lifestyle in Europe and neigbouring countries; -Help active and motivated children do sport despite their social status; Full Partner
TUNAJIWEZA Girl empowermentprogramme This programme is designed to reach out to girls aged between the ages of 10-23 providing the best sporting , non-sporting and lifestyle opportunities to girls in the communities of Kenya. Full Partner
KNights Lacrosse UK and Europe Running an elite 8 vs 8 tournament in the uk. Running positional camps in the UK Running camps and events in Europe Helping develop an All Star elite team from Europe to take to the USA Applicant
E- learning :Traditional Sailing with e-courses and practical lessons. Our own effort is to get in touch with the traditional sailing sport, acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, most in the hope of continuing to love the traditional craft in our country. Place: Syros island(Cyclades, Aegean Sea) Applicant
Football: a dream for all Create a events and associations network to suoerate cultures differents and to create formation for coachs,voluntaries and cjildren. Full Partner
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Umd Club Swim swim club for umd college park Applicant
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Technical skills for young footballers (age 7 to 15) To participate as a partner in Erasmus projects related to the sport of football. Full Partner
UMD Barbell Club Weightlifting Applicant
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Bandırma Jets Clubhouse Our club currently needs a new clubhouse. We have outgrown our current location but more importantly desire to engage our community in a much more public and beneficial manner. We hope to improve the fitness of our players while offering our coaching expertise to the community as well. Applicant
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lets have a football match we are a small football team want to be part of the sport organisations and meet new people around world Full Partner
"Un coup de pied a la pauvreté" " Nero a km 0" Scuola sport-istruzione-formazione-lavoro. Scuola calcio. Progetto esistente da 7 anni con 3 Accademie,350 allievi e circa 40 istruttori. Metodologia integrata di psicologia, aspetto mentale, parte tecnica e studio. Full Partner
Holiday sports for health Our projects aim is to bring the communities together through sports. We will envolve universities,secondary students,women and youth. All participants in this event will share different experience and also learn new methods which will help to raise their level of living by envolving them in income generating activities. Full Partner
Creation of an International Organisation to Save System of Sports Schools in Countries of Europe There are few countries at the meantime still having sports schools in their countries. And even those who still have it are under a threat to be formed in sports clubs which means change of financing from state/municipal to private/sponsors/parents. Applicant
Olimpic inclusives games The subject oficina this proyect woulb be to give to the pupils the necesary behaviurs for develop health habits doing Sports and know boys off others countries speaking others lenguajes. The pupils incluyes on the program Will be whose never hace travelled abrías. Other
TRIATHLON Poject to combat doping and look for a real equality men and women in triathlon... In addition, to know tradicional sports and games. Applicant
Friends through cycling Development of democratic and intercultural experience via diversified group of young cyclists from various ethnic backgrounds. Cycling throught different surroindings and location learning among themselfs and learning about different external factors of the surrounding enverionment. Applicant
WoW Europe Not-for-profit European Sport Events Sport for all with greats champions Applicant
Sport means peace We have more than 50 students and 100 alumnies who are sport masters and champions. We want to make tournaments with European countries. Full Partner
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES The project aims to contribute towards promoting health and active citizenship, specifically creating concrete, theoretical and evidence-based cultural instruments to promote sustainable inclusion and health through physical activity for young people Applicant
Young Wheelchair Basketball Players We want to organisation some meeting, competitions and activities for disabled peoples under 18 years old . Full Partner