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Project Summary Type of organisation
E-Learning Traditional Sailing With your cooperation and with other participants, we would like to participate at the creation of a European training network on traditional sailing, by a blended method of Distance Learning and practical lessons, based on the use of E-Learning Moodle platform, with exchanges between the partners of the network. Applicant
Sport& Thought for Young European Students (S&T4YES) The project aims at sharing/transferring to other partners “S&T approach” in promoting education in and through sport. The project has taken the traditional therapeutic consulting room and placed it on a football pitch, sport is used to begin to understand our internal psychological difficulties through playing. Applicant
Welfare system's improvement for seafarers and professionals, work in maritime business There is high shortage of seafarers and maritime professionals in the world. The project is designated to show to the society, that people, who work in maritime industry are very healthy, with deep family values, what will help to attract more youngsters to choose maritime related professions as their future. Applicant
Water Sports - Vehicle of Social Inclusion This project will be through a set of water sports, already developed by the partners and / or local stakeholders, in order to Identify a set of Transversal Transferable Skills (TT-Skills) between such modalities of aquatic sports for young people coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or others disadvantaged groups. Full Partner
Full Partner for promote voluntary activities in Sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and tackle disabled within of Youths Promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all. Full Partner
Full Partner for encourage participation in Sport by supporting recommendation on HEPA, EU Physical Activity Guidelines and EU Dual Careers of Athlete MSV is an expert in the dual careers of athletes in different ways. Provides athletes with safe prospects for their athletic career, through education and vocational training to prepare them for employment at work. Healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition are the guidelines followed by MSV member HEPA Europe. Full Partner
All topics in Sport We are interested to join any kind of network that promotes sport and physical activity. Full Partner
Alba - multisport approach for a new sport dimension Successful sportsmen and complete athlete train complementary sessions aside their main sport. A systematic multisport approach to 6-13 yo sportsmen may lead to less injuries, better results and a wider choice in life. Full Partner
Sport for All - sport and accessibility to enhance tourism in rural and natural areas We can be a reliable and solid partner experienced and skilled in the Programme, on social inclusion, sustainable tourism in rural and natural areas through promotion of sport activities for all (disabled, social exclusion...), to enable these territories to valorize sport as a tool of inclusion and development Full Partner
Chess for Education - Ajedrez para la Educacion We want to use chess like a tool to develop abilities for the sport world Full Partner